Anthony. October 20. Soccer<3 Real Madrid<3 Cristiano Ronaldo. Some fav vox: Jeremy McKinnon. Kellin Quinn. Shayley Bourget. Austin Carlile. Dave Stephens | A Day To Remember<3 music. breakdowns. tattoos. CSUN. South Central LA.


It’s a great rivalry, but the tie with Germany is not most important to us. It does not decide on qualification. We have several other tough opponents to face. Of course playing against the World Champions will not be easy, but we cannot to be complacent with any team in our group. We have to maintain consistency and obtaining enough points to go to the European Championship

Robert Lewandowski (via thepolishcyborg)

Being with Messi is to that the chance to see magic without buying a ticket.

Tata Martino (via losalbicelestes)